The Magic Christmas Tree 1964.jpg
Regizor: Richard C. Parish
Scenariu: Harold Vaughn Taylor
Premiera: 1964
Durată: 60 de minute
Gen: film de Crăciun
Producător: Fred C. Gerrior
Distribuitor: Holiday Pictures / Orrin Films
Director de imagine: Richard Kendall
Muzică: Victor Kirk
Distribuție: Chris Kroesen
Valerie Hobbs
Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei
Darlene Lohnes
Dianne Johnson
Dick Parish
Blanche Mickelson
Willard W. Willingham (ca Bill Willingham)
Howard Blevins
Billy Schaffner
Terry Bradshaw
Charles Nix
Țara: Statele Unite
Limba originală: engleză
Disponibil în română: dublat sau subtitrat
Buget:  ? milioane $
Încasări:  ? milioane $
Regizor: Richard C. Parish
Scenarist: Harold Vaughn Taylor
Durata: 60 minutes

The Magic Christmas Tree (titlu original: The Magic Christmas Tree) este un film de Crăciun american din 1964 regizat de Richard C. Parish. Rolurile principale au fost interpretate de actorii Chris Kroesen şi Valerie Hobbs.


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Un băiat folosește un inel magic pentru a face ca un brad de Crăciun să prindă viață. Copacul îi va îndeplini apoi băiatului trei dorințe.

Three boys are walking home from school on the afternoon of Halloween. On the way home, one boy, Mark, agrees to help a strange old woman to get her cat, Lucifer, out of a tree. Mark climbs the tree, but falls and is knocked unconscious. When Mark wakes up, he discovers that the old woman is really a witch. The witch gives Mark a magic ring, and tells him that if he plants the seeds inside a magic tree will grow. On Thanksgiving, Mark performs the magic spell that the witch taught him, and a magic evergreen tree grows overnight in the back yard. Mark's father tries to cut down the tree, but to no avail. Later, on Christmas Eve, the Magic Tree comes to life, and grants Mark three wishes. The boy first wishes for one hour of absolute power, which he promptly abuses. Mark's second wish is to have Santa Claus all to himself. When Mark sees the unhappiness his selfishness causes, however, he uses his third wish to return Santa Claus to the children of the world. On Christmas Day, Mark wakes up, and realizes that the entire adventure was all a dream.



In the style of The Wizard of Oz, The Magic Christmas Tree presents a full-color dream sequence bracketed by black-and-white 'reality' sequences. It was filmed in La Verne, California on an extremely low budget.

Magic Christmas Tree (1964) full film59:34

Magic Christmas Tree (1964) full film

Home videoEdit

The Magic Christmas Tree was released on VHS by Goodtimes in 1992. It has been marketed in a two-pack with the Mexican film Santa Claus.


Legături externeEdit

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