Susan Slept Here
Regizor: Frank Tashlin
Scenariu: Alex Gottlieb
După o piesă de teatru de:
Steve Fisher şi
Alex Gottlieb
Premiera: 14 iulie 1953 (1953-07-14) (US)[1]

Durată: 98 de minute
Gen: film de Crăciun
Producător: Harriet Parsons
Distribuitor: RKO Radio Pictures
Montaj: Harry Marker
Muzică: Leigh Harline
Richard Myers
Distribuție: Debbie Reynolds, Anne Francis, Dick Powell
Țara: Statele Unite
Limba originală: engleză
Disponibil în română: dublat sau subtitrat
Buget:  ? milioane $
Încasări: 2,25 milioane $[2]

Susan a dormit aici (titlu original: Susan Slept Here) este un film de Crăciun american din 1954 regizat de Frank Tashlin. Rolurile principale au fost interpretate de actorii Debbie Reynolds, Anne Francis şi Dick Powell. Este distribuit de RKO Pictures.


Information icon Atenție: urmează detalii despre narațiune și/sau deznodământ.

Mark Christopher (Powell) is a successful thirty-five-year-old Hollywood screenwriter who has suffered from partial writer's block since winning an Academy Award and has been unable to produce a decent script. One Christmas Eve, he receives an unexpected and very unwanted surprise present.

Vice cop Sergeant Sam Hanlon (Herb Vigran) brings Mark seventeen-year-old Susan Landis (Reynolds). Susan had been abandoned by her mother and was arrested for vagrancy and hitting a Sailor over the head with a beer bottle. Not wanting to keep her in jail over the holidays and aware that Mark was interested in writing a script about juvenile delinquency, the kindhearted cop decides to bend the rules (much to the disapproval of his partner) and offers to let her stay in Mark's luxurious apartment until her arraignment the day after Christmas.

Mark is naturally appalled, but is eventually persuaded to take the girl in. This doesn't go over too well with Isabella Alexander (Anne Francis), a demanding senator's daughter whom Mark has been dating for years. Isabella's jealousy grows when Susan develops a crush on Mark. Mark's secretary Maude Snodgrass (Glenda Farrell), his best friend Virgil (Alvy Moore), and his lawyer Harvey Butterworth (Les Tremayne), do their best to keep the situation under control.

When Harvey lets slip that Susan will likely stay in a juvenile detention facility till she is 18, Mark impulsively takes her to Las Vegas and marries her. The marriage, he explains to his friends, will last for just long enough to convince the judge that Susan has made good. The love-struck Susan has other ideas. With the encouragement and support of Maude, who still regrets leaving her childhood love behind for a career in Hollywood, Susan fights to make the marriage permanent. She refuses to sign the annulment papers.

When Susan is seen eating strawberries and pickles, Mark's friends assume the worst: that she is pregnant. Susan eventually confesses to Mark that she just likes that combination. Mark has his own confession: he is in love with his wife but is worried by their age difference. Susan tells him all the reasons that they should stay married and pulls him into the bedroom. (wikipedia)



Reynolds later admitted having "a mad crush on" Dick Powell. "He taught me common courtesy and to treat my crew and colleagues with equal respect."[3]


Reynolds liked the film later stating "that little comedy made $5,500,000, pulled RKO out of the red and then Howard Hughes sold the studio".[3]


The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, for Best Music, Original Song "Hold My Hand" (sung by Don Cornell), and for Best Sound, Recording (John Aalberg).[4]


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