Its a Bundyful Life VHS
Its a Bundyful Life VHS
Regizor: Gerry Cohen
Scenarist: Ron Leavitt
Michael G. Moye
Premiera: December 17, 1989
Disponibil pe: VHS

"It's a Bundyful Life" is a special hour-length Christmas episode of the television sitcom Married... with Children (Familia Bundy), originally broadcast in the show's fourth season.


Al is unable to afford Christmas presents and feels sorry for himself. While trying to hang up Christmas lights, he electrocutes himself into unconsciousness, and is visited by a guardian angel played by Sam Kinison, who shows him Peggy, Bud, and Kelly are living better lives because he wished he had never been born.

Lansare Edit

The special received its own VHS release in 1994. It was later included in the Married... with Children: The Complete Fourth Season DVD set in 2005, and again in the Married... with Children: The Complete Series box set in 2010.

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