Christmas with a Capital C.jpg

Crăciunul cu "C" mare - film de Crăciun din 2011.

Denumire originală: Christmas with a Capital C

Regia: Helmut Schleppi

Cu: Ted McGinley, Daniel Baldwin, Nancy Stafford, Brad Stine

Gen film: dramatic

Mitch Bright (Daniel Baldwin) revine in orasul sau natal chiar in preajma sarbatorilor de Craciun. El este impotriva tuturor traditiilor legate de Craciun asa ca incearca sa obtina un ordin impotriva acestor traditii. Dan Reed (Ted McGinley) este un fost coleg din scoala de-al lui Mitch si cel care incearca acum sa il convinga ca ceea ce vrea sa faca nu este corect pentru cei din jurul sau.

Christmas will never be Christmas again if Lawyer Mitch Bright (Daniel Baldwin) has his way.

Mayor Dan Reed (Ted McGinley) and the townsfolk of Trapper Falls face their toughest challenge in a legal battle with one of their former native sons as they struggle to keep fifty years of tradition and the spiritual fabric of this joyous season alive. In the heat of this legal battle the town discovers the secret behind Mitch's return.

Dan's wife Kristen (Nancy Stafford) and their daughter Makayla (Francesca Derosa) show the true meaning of Christmas by launching an inspired CHRISTMAS WITH A CAPITAL C campaign to keep the town together and remind them all that "with the arrival of God's Son, peace on earth and good will was given to all. Even to those whose heart seemed closed to Him."

Based on the hit song "Christmas with a Capital C" by Go Fish

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