The Note (2007).jpg
Regizor: Douglas Barr
Scenariu: Paul W. Cooper
Angela Hunt
Premiera: 8 dec. 2007
Durată: 88 de minute
Gen: film de Crăciun
Distribuitor: Hallmark Channel
Distribuție: Genie Francis
Ted McGinley
Țara: Statele Unite
Limba originală: engleză
Disponibil în română: dublat sau subtitrat
Buget:  ? milioane $
Încasări:  ? milioane $
Urmat de: Învață să iubești (2009)

Biletul (titlu original: The Note) este un film de Crăciun american de televiziune din 2007 regizat de Douglas Barr. Rolurile principale au fost interpretate de actorii Genie Francis şi Ted McGinley. Datorită succesului filmului, a avut o continuare, Învață să iubești (Taking a Chance on Love, 2009).

The Note Trailer00:37

The Note Trailer


Information icon.svg Atenție: urmează detalii despre narațiune și/sau deznodământ.

+Cinemagia: Dupa prabusirea unui avion, un jurnalist local gaseste un bilet despre care crede ca a fost scris de unul dintre pasageri. Femeia porneste in cautarea celui caruia i se adreseaza biletul. Aceasta calatorie este una care se dovedeste mai mult una a regasirii de sine si a revelarii propriului trecut.

+Wikipedia: Newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder (Genie Francis) finds a note addressed simply to 'T', washed up on shore. It appears to be from the victim of a recent plane crash, and carries a message of hope and forgiveness from a father to his child. MacGruder's readership is down on her column (called "Heart Healer"), and the paper is going to dump it unless she starts to write from the heart. Inspired, MacGruder decides to find the intended recipient of the note, all the while logging her journey through her article. As the mystery unfolds, the note affects each person she contacts significantly.


Actor Character
Genie Francis Peyton Macgruder
Ted McGinley Kingston Danville
Rick Roberts Truman
Genelle Williams Mandi
Katie Boland Christine
Maria Ricossa Nora

Diferențe față de roman Edit

  • The book does not take place in the winter time, therefore it is not surrounded by the Christmas holiday.
  • The book's events take place in Tampa Bay, Florida. In the movie, the events transpire in Middleborough, North Carolina.
  • In the movie, Katie Boland's character is named Christine. In the book, she's named Lila.


To support the premiere of the film, Hallmark Channel launched a website on October 22, 2007 called, where viewers could submit their own personalized notes to family and friends and answer the question ‘who would you reach out to if you only had a minute?’[1][2] The website has since been disconnected.


The Note became Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated film of 2007[3][4] and third highest all-time rating.[5]

Movie Room Reviews stated:

The Note is truly a heartwarming tale Format:Sic that is fun for the whole family. It offers a story with a deep meaning and hidden storyline. It also demonstrates how someone seemingly up against a wall yet continuing to be pushed, can remain resilient.[6]
However, DVD Verdict called it "syrupy", but that fans of other Hallmark Channel-type fare will "find a treasure trove of positivity and middle-aged sexual tension."[7]


Due to the success of the movie for Hallmark Channel, a sequel was made,[8] entitled Taking a Chance on Love, which was written by Douglas Barr. (The Note author Angela Hunt did a novelization of Barr's script.) The original cast returned to reprise their roles.

Another sequel, Notes From the Heart Healer, was broadcast on May 12, 2012.


Legături externeEdit

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